The Shine, 2024

Bejeweled Plastic, Stainless Steel

To demonstrate how sugar was grafted onto bone, 2024

Oak Carved Wood, Machete

How the color green moves, 2023

OSB, Acrylic Paint

Installation view at the Terrain Biennial: Chicago, 2023 

The text on this board is comprised of the latin names of various native plants, that can either be found or are extinct, in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. These plants are a part of a colonial history in which, during the nineteenth century, they were extradited to Europe, mainly to London. These plants can be thought of as background or hidden movement which transformed the vegetation across the Caribbean through their extraction, as well as, through the introduction of invasive species. 

The Disavowal of my Making, 2023

A display, a communist tin spaceship, a brass box, a pair of binoculars called “empire” and its box, a ruler called “the eyesaver,” a kitsch box that only tells the time through seconds, a postcard of an impressionist painting depicting the land presumably owned by the noble family of Lucas Vazquez de Allyón, and sugar

Installation view at The Block Museum of Art, 2023

A Study, 2022-ongoing

Inkjet print, Oak Wood

Installation view at Reference: Chicago, 2022 

Rephotographed photograph of a drawing of a photograph of a drawing of a photograph of El Salvador. From the “Country Studies” collection. These “studies provide descriptions and analyses of lesser-known countries or regions where U.S. military forces might be deployed.”